Saturday, April 2, 2011

New blog!

Changed my site to

Check it out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Won't be blogging here anymore. Instead, I'll be blogging about my drum team @

No blog, Facebook instead. Cheers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am post-less.

Anyway here's a video of my drumming team's performance during the school's Malam Kebudayaan. It was a memorable night, my second and maybe last one too as it's a two-year-once program. Enjoy.

I edited this video with movie maker. Gotta split it into two parts cause Youtube limit's only 10 minutes per video.

Hope there will be more of these to come.

Signing OFF.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just feel bored, I've not gone blogging-frenzy though.

Many have been talking about the very recent solar eclipse of July 22nd 2009, yesterday.

It'a the longest total eclipse in the 21st century, and I know nothing about eclipses. Well, not absolutely nothing.

The pic is a total eclipse diamond ring taken from Kudigram, Bangladesh. Source from wiki.

Here's a little video about it.

''For more funny videos, click here'' LOL !!

Compared to reality, I guess many would know this better. Still can't get it?

This would definitely do the trick.

The duo from Twilight, yeah. Observe the pic, what's that thing at the bottom of the pic? I can't remember if there's really a mop in the movie. Good news, the second movie - New Moon would be out soon this year. Yay. LOL

Ah, many would gone crazy again.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Staying 'alive'

To her, don't get mad.

The action above was repeated 2 times between one week. The funny thing is at the same place, same time, same person.

Yeah I'm BORED of blogging and I don't know why. I even corrected Zen's words by saying Kenny does not have a blog instead of having a dead blog. My mistake?

Sadly, another month gone. MJ too.

Many did not really appreciate him when he's still alive, including me. But he will remain in many hearts around the world. R.I.P Michael.

However, I once again mark my return with a tag, this time from Jing Xiong, who recently started a blog of his own. I hesitated to do this, but..

1)大名:Kenny 外号: ?
3)谁传给你的: Bear
4)生日想拿到什么礼物: $$
5)最近压力大的事: Malam Bakat
6)想做的事: Sleep
7)有没有喜欢的人: Yea
8)跟谁出去最幸福+快乐: Girl la
9)如果你的好朋友吵架了,你会怎么做: Watch for free
12)最想跟谁庆祝圣诞节: Duno
14)有几个兄弟姐妹: 3 sis
15)最喜欢的一首英文/华文歌: Any
16)喜欢什么颜色: Red
17)上厕所会不会冲水: 废话
18)喜欢男还是女生: Anti-gay
19)最想大大声说什么: 为什么这样子~!!
20)半夜敢不敢上厕所: My duty
21)你现在最恨谁: Duno
22)现在喜欢做什么: Play pokemon LOL
26)体重多少: 55
28)如果忙完了你最想做什么: Rest la
29)失眠后会怎样: Never before
30)你晚上睡觉会不会尿床: Everyday
31)你晚上睡觉会不会流口水: Sometimes
33)近期开心的事: Nothing
36)你觉得你比较笨还是聪明: Don't ask me
38)你现在最想看到谁: MJ
39)你爱看戏吗: Yea
40)你敢向你讨厌的人说"我恨你"吗: Waste energy

I skipped a part of the tag.

Currently, I'm reading the book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown, and watched the film too.

Brilliant. But no real angels or demons, just sculptures. 7/10.

Not blogging for so long, I spent my time on gaming.

I never missed the Pokemon series for Gameboy versions. However the latest version was Platinum, which is for Nitendo DS. Managed to download it few days ago together with an emulator and now playing on my pc.

Guess that's all I can post.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another month gone

3 weeks ago I posted.

After spending much time sitting for mid-term exams in May, holidays are back again. And it's boring. I'm gonna rot in this 2 weeks.

I'll be sick if I see more of these again at the moment.

My youngest sis Candice celebrated her 10th birthday last week, 27th May.

Let me wish you Happy Birthday once more, on my bloggie!

But anyway, I'll be hoping that you'll be more organized. Since dad bought a study desk for you and put it in my room, I do wish that you can keep it clean always.

Why not be like me?

*Smiles proudly, yet with hope.* LOL.

I had nothing great to do in this holiday, but I'll be going to KL with some buddies to witness the Hands Percussion team drumming festival.

Titled ''Kaleidoscope'', it's gonna be the first festival organized by Hands itself.

6 will be going. I booked the bus tickets with blood-sucking prices. Shit.

38.60 bucks for ONE WAY. Another of it completes the return. That's it when you travel during the H-O-L-Y days.

Currently out of things to post. I guess I'll be back with a post on the sales at my dad's shop.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dead again?

Mid year exams, screw it. You know what I mean.